[Not Exactly] Roughing It – A Preface

So Sad
I’m less than enthusiastic about camping in October with a snowstorm headed our way.

My love for the outdoors hasn’t always been there. I went fishing a few times with my father; we might have caught three fish in all our adventures combined. In high school, I worked at a day camp. We aren’t exactly “nestled in the woods”, but we did have a nicely stocked pond where I taught the boys how to snag sunnies and catfish. (Catfish, by the way, like Twizzlers™.)

As a freshman in college, I went on my first camping trip. My more hard-core outdoorsy friends call it “real camping”. Donning my pack, I hiked 15 miles over three days with some classmates and our group leaders. Being a girl from the city, it was a whole new world for me. ::cue Aladdin and Jasmine:: I managed to survive despite having to sleep outdoors without a tent, do my business in the woods, take my turn to carry the “bathroom bag”, and find drinking water that wouldn’t give people giardia.

Great article: Water purification to prevent Giardia

Camping is now a family affair. I’ve been camping with my husband and the in-laws for a few years now. I’m pretty proficient in setting up canopies, starting campfires, and outdoor cooking. It turns out a city girl can enjoy time in the wilderness.

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